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Referring Attorneys

At Whidden Law, we know that lawyers want the best for their client at every stage of the judicial process and that a referral directly impacts the client’s perception of the referring firm. Having represented clients in criminal proceedings for more than 25 years, we understand the importance of an effective and seamless transition that benefits all parties. We are dedicated to ensuring that this transition is successful. Appellate and post-conviction cases require significant time and specialized knowledge and attention. While some cases require the referring firm to remain actively involved in the appellate or post-conviction proceeding, many firms choose Whidden Law to exclusively handle their clients’ appeal or post-conviction matter. We accommodate all levels of involvement and provide a consulting fee in most cases. Please contact us with questions regarding consulting fees. 

Family Referrals

At Whidden Law, our practice is exclusively devoted to criminal appeals and post-conviction proceedings. Our unique blend of appellate and litigation experience provides you with the best opportunity for a successful outcome. Having represented clients in criminal proceedings for more than 25 years, we understand that a successful outcome depends on clear communication and effective advocacy. Let us be your voice for justice.

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